Some clients prefer to keep all their data in-house (on their own equipment). Others do not want to be bothered with upgrades and want potentially lower maintenance costs (no need for a server).

Cluen offers both options. In fact, the Encore program and your data files are standardized, so you can easily move between the two deployment options as your needs change.

We HostWe will host your data file on a Cluen-controlled server located at a Rackspace (the service leader in cloud computing) and our Network Operations Team will monitor your backups, roll out security patches and update Encore's server components.

You HostIf you decide to run Encore in-house, our Network Operations Team will work with your IT person (or people) to get Encore up-and-running on your equipment and discuss best practices for you to achieve great results.

The CluenCloud (launched in 2009) is for those who do not want to run Encore internally; this is called "Software as a Service" (SaaS). If you are just getting started and do not yet have an office, the CluenCloud is a great option to get you up-and-running fast. We self-certify compliance with Privacy Shield & US-Swiss Safe Harbor program.

Contact us to discuss the best infrastructure for your business.

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