Data Conversion

The format of your existing data may need to be converted to use with Cluen's Encore Recruiting Software.

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From your existing database, you would deliver a sample dataset and Cluen will work with you to map your data to Encore.

We will work with your team to go over each screen and make sure that all of your data is in the right place.

Adjustments are made to the setup and data mapping according to feedback from the data preview.

You continue to use your existing data in read-only mode while we convert the final data for use in Encore. You make a seamless transition from your existing software to Encore.

We keep all of your data and can alter only the format, or you may want to use this opportunity to clean up outdated information and apply new rules to uncover hidden relationships.

We have converted over 750 data files for clients upgrading to Encore and clients acquiring existing firms. This extensive experience ensures that your existing data is transferred with no surprises.

Contact us to find out how you can minimize disruption by maintaining your existing data.

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