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Leverage our exclusive Encore and Leopard integration and make more placements. 

How Does Leopard Work with Encore?

Imagine having every lawyer automatically populated into your database and updated daily. Our partnership with Leopard allows users to access all their Leopard data in Encore without having to manually enter anything. Leopard then feeds attorney employment updates to Encore so you have the most up to date information.


Powerful Messaging Tools and Analytics

Efficiently communicate with your prospects, clients and candidates. Our email functionality allows you to send large blasts to specific attorneys and capture the email analytics. Seamlessly sync your email interactions and keep your records updated automatically.  


Collect LinkedIn Profiles and Resumes 

Artificial Intelligence LinkedIn and Resume parsing
to bring in unique data from additional sources.

Automate Your Leopard Job Alerts 

The Leopard Jobs Feed provides real-time alerts for new matching opportunities and target lists of your best relationships. Import new job searches to the database in seconds to quickly submit the right attorneys. Submit multiple candidates to a job or submit one candidate to multiple jobs. Automate the process when linking to Leopard Jobs feed.  


All Your Information in One Place  

Blend your proprietary knowledge with the existing Leopard Worksheets which allows searching in either system. View all your interactions with each contact all in one place. You can view their latest candidate status across all related firms, current and past submissions, along with the latest notes and activity. 


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No matter your solution, making the switch to Encore is simple. Cluen’s expert method for converting data is proven to assure your satisfaction. Contact us to see how Encore can work for you.


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