We Provide World-Class Support to Clients Around The World

The easiest way to get help is to email us at

You can also reach us by phone by calling us at one of the numbers below:

+1 212 255-6659

+44 207 048 2025 

 +61 2 9188 9339 

Press 3 to reach our Support Team.

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Virtual Support

With your permission, we can share your screen, keyboard and mouse to help more effectively with technical issues. The Encore Support representative will generate a unique session code and provide this to you by phone or email, this establishes the session from your computer. You can override the Encore Support representative by simply moving your mouse; you can easily close the session from your computer.

When your Cluen contact is ready to begin, he or she will give you a code.


If you have a suggestion to help us improve Encore, email us at