Search Firms

Manage relationships with top talent while optimizing your firm's revenue potential

Know the Marketplace Better Than Your Competitors

Effectively source candidates and clients by tracking business and social relationships, investment relationships, board memberships, referrals, and more. Our Relativity feature supports business development as well as confidential referencing.

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Short List Candidates and Create Client Reports, Faster

Powerful reports and messaging tools make it easier than ever to communicate with your clients and candidates. Sending an email from your phone? No worries. Encore keeps your records updated, no matter where you are.

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Maximize New Business Potential

Our Business Development system helps your team expand upon your current projects while making the most out of existing relationships. Our email and scheduling integration makes it easier than ever to maximize new business potential.

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Technology that supports

strategic search teams

around the world

Resume Parsing

Less Data Entry

Parse your résumés/CVs and LinkedIn profiles quickly, leaving you more time to do important search work. In addition, our self-learning Alias system helps keep a clean list of company names, making it easier than ever to visualize relationships and prevent duplication.


More Automation

Reduce administrative tasks with process-based workflows. Track referrals and use reporting tools to send periodic notifications or thank you notes. At the end of a search, schedule follow-ups or when a search is closed, automate emails to support your closeout process.

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Maximize Relationships

Effectively source candidates and clients by tracking business and social relationships, investment relationships, board memberships, referrals and more. Our Relativity function supports business development and confidential referencing.

Emailing Executive Search

Capture Communications

Automatically track all of your business related email communications, meetings and tasks, regardless of which device or email program you prefer to use. Automatically personalize correspondence, blast out attachments or send a pre-set communication to defined email lists. You can even email a candidate’s résumé/CV into Encore.


Execute Reports

Quickly view lists of potential candidates, potential clients, and past searches. Make the most of your historical data by accessing lists of candidates who have been on a similar search in the past. Your personal report templates can be accessed and adjusted on—the—fly.

GDPR Compliant

Manage Consent (GDPR) 

Cluen has taken a proactive approach to the GDPR by innovating and integrating new technology features and developments that will save time and solve complex situations. Our system automates the consent management process and supports your templates for legitimate interest and/or consent. Cluen is constantly evolving to comply with the latest regulations. 


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