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How In-House teams use the latest Executive Search Technology to win the talent wars. 


  • What do in-house teams need beyond LinkedIn and "the ATS?”
  • Metrics for talent teams to rival the world’s best search firms
  • World class reporting of executive search status updates
Cluen In-Hourse Teams Report

Build Better Competitive Intelligence

Different from an ATS, and more than a CRM, Encore helps you strategically develop competitive intelligence about key industry players. Track how targets relate to one another using your own terminology and relationship types. Instantly see insights into where ex-employees are now and where they have worked. Visualize who reports to whom and generate organizational charts. Manage a world-class executive search, and build pipeline with key pipeline strategy tools.

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Improve Management of Your External and Internal Teams

Benchmark and improve the efficiency of your internal search teams by tracking key milestones in the search process. Receive notifications if searches aren’t receiving adequate attention. Optimize workflows with external search firms and outside researchers. Stay organized while maintaining your organization's proprietary knowledge.

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Become a Data Compliance Expert

Respect the laws - but don't fear them. Our system supports your processes to comply with EEOC, OFCCP and EU personal privacy directives. Need help managing the GDPR? No problem! Encore automates the consent management process. The system is designed to support and automate your unique process and templates whether your organization is reliant on legitimate interest, consent or both. 

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Technology that supports in-house recruitment teams around the world

Resume Parsing

Less Data Entry

Parse your résumés/CVs and LinkedIn profiles quickly, leaving you more time to do important search work. In addition, our self-learning Alias system helps keep a clean list of company names, making it easier than ever to visualize relationships and prevent duplication.


More Automation

Reduce administrative tasks with process-based workflows. Track referrals and use reporting tools to send periodic notifications or thank you notes. At the end of a search, schedule follow-ups or when a search is closed, automate emails to support your closeout process.

org charts

Maximize Relationships

Effectively source candidates and clients by tracking business and social relationships, investment relationships, board memberships, referrals and more. Our Relativity function supports business development and confidential referencing.

Emailing Executive Search

Capture Communications

Automatically track all of your business related email communications, meetings and tasks, regardless of which device or email program you prefer to use. Automatically personalize correspondence, blast out attachments or send a pre-set communication to defined email lists. You can even email a candidate’s résumé/CV into Encore.


Execute Reports

Quickly view lists of potential candidates, competitors, and past searches. Make the most of your historical data by accessing lists of candidates who have been on a similar search in the past. Your personal report templates can be accessed and adjusted on—the—fly.

GDPR Compliant

Manage Consent (GDPR) 

Cluen has taken a proactive approach to the GDPR by innovating and integrating new technology features and developments that will save time and solve complex situations. Our system automates the consent management process and supports your templates for legitimate interest and/or consent. Cluen is constantly evolving to comply with the latest regulations. 

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