Automate the Consent & Compliance Process

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has been adopted by the European Parliament, enforced as of 25 May 2018. This new regulation is meant to safeguard the data privacy rights of European Union citizens and affects any organization that is based in the EU or does business in the EU or with EU data subjects. Many companies are now subject to new standards of data integrity imposed by the GDPR. 


Cluen's GDPR Module 

Cluen has taken a proactive approach to the GDPR by innovating and integrating new technology features and developments that will save time and solve complex situations.

The entire process can be automated and tracked within Encore. The system is designed to support your unique process and templates whether your organization is reliant on legitimate interest, consent or both. 


The GDPR affects recruiters that:

  • Work in the EU 
  • Have clients that work in the EU
  • Have sources, prospects or candidates that are EU data subjects
  • Work in conjunction with another firm that meets the above criteria 
The penalties for non-compliance if discovered are high and can reach up to €20 million in fines. Liability for a security breach exposing non-compliance can be even more catastrophic resulting in the same penalties plus liability to the individual and horrible impact to reputation.


Cluen is here to guide you through the GDPR. We are here to help your organization stay compliant. Contact us today for a free assessment.


Note: Cluen’s synopsis is not a replacement for legal advice from your own attorney (we are not lawyers). Before adopting any new policy, contact your firm’s lawyer(s) to advise on how to properly comply. It is important to make sure your team is in compliance with the latest policies and regulations.

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