Encore Corporate Recruiting Intelligence

Trying to build a successful executive-level corporate HR Team? Cluen brings our global expertise to overcome these common issues facing your Team:

Encore complements existing ATS/HRIS products to support the techniques of retained-model recruiters, along with proven best-practices from Cluen's experience with HR teams.

Encore can be deployed from our CluenCloud or run in-house (on your existing equipment). In either case, Cluen has extensive experience working with large IT Departments to make sure their requirements are met and your project will be a success.

Our global expertise with launching effective executive staffing teams has embodied Cluen with the ability to effectively generate your statement of work (SOW), create an intelligent project plan and navigate your procurement department.

In addition to time savings, some of the features designed specifically for corporate HR teams include (click an item for details):

Contact us to see why companies, from small to Fortune 500, use Encore to build their executive sourcing team.

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