Cluen is not a startup. We have over two decades of experience successfully implementing recruiting solutions and continuously work with thousands of search professionals worldwide to stay ahead of the curve.

This experience has taught us that implementation is not a “one size fits all” model.

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Cluen has the resources and capabilities to deliver a successful project—on time and within a set budget. Depending on your requirements, you could even be operational within days.

If you are starting completely fresh, Cluen knows the right questions to intelligently configure Encore. If you require data conversion, we first analyze the failure of your existing database and then figure out the best way to maintain your knowledge, while increasing your productivity.

Part of implementation is figuring out a training plan to meet your specific goals. We like to tailor training by each user’s role. This saves your team from wasting time learning about features they may not need to use today. Depending on physical location and team size, we have the ability to deliver training on-site or online.

Once Encore is up-and-running, you decide how active you would like Cluen to be with your team. We can engage as a partner or just deliver as a supplier. You can have us call you about new features, or learn about them on your own. With Cluen’s flexibility, you’ll achieve outstanding payback.

Combining our proven Encore platform, with our experience-driven implementation methods, will ensure the success of your project.

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