White Paper: 2023 Top Trends in Executive Search Technology

What do experts do to get ahead of the competition?

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Video: Candidate Database Is Dead

Our team has been working with Executive Search firms around the world for 28 years developing the most valuable knowledge management systems for Executive Search. For much of that history, the candidate database was the main knowledge asset for a search firm. Having a list of people you know and how you know them, has always been a competitive edge, but not anymore.



Everyone has the names and the traditional candidate database is dead. Your clients have the names and the internet has more names than you will ever have in your system. It's not about having your list of contacts anymore or your power users managing this large list.


The candidate database is reborn as a valuable knowledge asset only through the action of your teams. Historically, getting full participation across a search firm has always been really hard. To change this we have radically streamlined the next generation of Executive Search software. In order to engage everybody across the team, we've pushed the limits of simplicity and automation where everyone across the team can contribute to the greater knowledge with little effort.

To streamline this automatic data capture, we have designed the next generation of executive search software to include:

  • Automated Mailbox Connections
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Resume/CV Parsing
  • LinkedIn Bio Parsing

We have made it easy for any user (from power user to new user) to leverage and find these key insights. Even your "not so power users" are able to connect the dots and have insights pushed to them.

So, if your candidate database is dead or dying, there is hope! We are here - give us a call

Cluen has decades of recruitment database development and implementation experience spanning six continents. Our technology helps organizations nurture important relationships, track historical data, and win new business. Cluen's cloud-based solution, Encore, is used by executive recruiters, legal recruiters, in-house talent acquisition teams, government entities, universities, and venture capital/private equity firms all over the world. Our experts are here to share their expertise in relationship-driven recruiting and data management, regardless of which software you use.

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