Using Storytelling & Recruitment Marketing To Compete For Future Talent

The “War for Talent” has been around for years and the scarcity of leading talent of the incoming workforce is an impending reality. This has created a much more competitive marketplace for talent and become a “buyer’s market” driven by the candidate.

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Finding The Right Fit When Joining a Recruitment Alliance

Recruitment teams all around the world have joined forces within partner alliances and networks to stay informed on the latest hiring trends while delivering the best solutions possible to their clients. Cluen provides recruitment software to many of the world’s top recruitment alliances. We spoke with some of these networks to gain insights on how search firms can get involved and keep up to date on the latest executive search trends.

What should executive search firms look for in a partner alliance and vice versa?

Based on Cluen’s experience, we believe that it is important for recruiting firms to make a list of goals that joining an alliance would help your firm achieve. Then determine if an alliance shares your firm’s values and approach by researching their member network. Review the firms that actually make up the alliance, as well as the search work they have completed in the past. Make sure to evaluate the impact their network has had on the market. Consider their achievements and then establish which alliance you would want to be a part of.

Julia Scheffer, global communications and brand manager of AltoPartners explains, “Our advice to executive search firms who are looking to join an international alliance as a partner firm is to critically and strategically evaluate the alliance based on who they are, what their mission is and how your organization aligns with these values.

“At AltoPartners, we actively search for partner firms who share our values and our approach. We intensively evaluate firms by conducting assessment interviews with potential partners. Before a firm joins, our global representatives and country managers vote to allow a firm into the alliance,” she continues.“We believe that our success is based upon working with people we get along with, respect and trust. It’s truly about finding the perfect fit because that’s a key factor in ensuring long-term business success and sustainability.”

My advice here is to be as genuine as possible during the vetting process. Your goal should be to make sure there is going to be a true partnership within the network, and that means evaluating them just as they are evaluating you. Be authentic and transparent during the evaluation process. This way, the connection you have with the alliance member firms will be much easier to gauge. Each firm will have a unique evaluation process, but here are some questions Scheffer suggests paying attention to:

“Make sure your executive search firm properly reviews the general terms of business and what being part of the alliance really entails. Do you need to adopt their brand or can you retain your local brand identity? Is this partnership important to you and your clients? Will there be additional taxation on cross-border deals? What are the global off-limits and how will this impact your local business? What are the fees associated with the alliance membership — not just the annual membership fees, but the additional fees that come up? Find out exactly what your membership fee entails and make sure you can make a case of where the real value is.”

What industries have seen the most growth across member networks?

Cluen works with firms all around the world that are a part of various search firm networks. Overall, we have seen an increasing number of technology-based executive searches across the board, but most commonly in the finance and healthcare sector. There is a large amount of disruption happening and an abundance of roles being created within the digital economy.

Dr. Rohan Carr, president of IRC Global Executive Search Partners, outlines some of the areas that are seeing strong growth: “In developing countries, the industrial and manufacturing practices continue to grow, albeit with an increasing emphasis of executives with exposure to more advanced technologies. In more developed economies, the service industries such as healthcare, life sciences and education are experiencing strong growth. Furthermore, across the board, the impact of the digital economy is having an influence on executive profiles sought.”

Some of these roles are completely new to the industry so they require an intricate mix of experience. This is where the need for a strategic recruitment alliance is truly valued.

If you are an executive search firm looking to stay up to date with the latest trends, expand your executive search service offerings to clients or partner with a global alliance, consider a partnership with a trusted industry network. Alternatively, if you are in need of executive headhunting and cross-border executive search services, global alliances can help. Just remember to thoroughly vet all potential partnerships to ensure you meet each other’s needs.

Cluen has decades of recruitment database development and implementation experience spanning six continents. Our technology helps organizations nurture important relationships, track historical data, and win new business. Cluen's cloud-based solution, Encore, is used by executive recruiters, legal recruiters, in-house talent acquisition teams, government entities, universities, and venture capital/private equity firms all over the world. Our experts are here to share their expertise in relationship-driven recruiting and data management, regardless of which software you use.

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